Milestone Basin and Vidette Creek 2014

Lake South America to Milestone Basin

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

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Milestone Basin is very pleasant for off-trail travel!  Years ago there was a trail leading to the lake we camped at, we followed the old trail here and there up to where the creek splits halfway up.  The old trail followed the southern branch of the creek, but we followed the northern past several small ponds, then up slabs to the high lake at around 11,900 feet elevation.  Dark clouds stuck around into the evening, and thunder was heard early evening, although no rain fell in our basin.

Journal Entry:  Clouds cleared last night, two people arrived late to camp at the lake.  Morning had more thin clouds, got started 8:45 or so.  Trail pretty good, faint in spots but we were on it most of the way.  Started up Milestone Basin and used a trail on-and-off a good part of the way.  Made it to the highest large lake around 3:45.  Dark clouds hanging over here but lots of blue sky visible around here.  We’ll see if these clouds too clear tonight.  Travel in Milestone Basin is pretty easy, not much talus.  Mostly on dirt, grass, and slabs.

Mt Ericsson reflected in Lake South America

Milestone, Midway, and Table Mountains

unnamed lakes in upper Kern River basin

upper Kern River basin

first lake where trail turns south

infant Kern River going over rock slabs

second lake at trail junction

Kern Canyon, Mt. Whitney visible (right of center)

typical terrain in Milestone Basin

Mts. Russell and Whitney far to the east

Milestone Mtn.

beautiful Milestone Basin

view to the east, Mts. Tyndall, Russell, and Whitney

slabs in the upper basin

upper lake where we camped


Milestone Mtn. obscured by clouds

but clear over Mt. Whitney


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