Milestone Basin and Vidette Creek 2014

Milestone Basin to near JMT

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

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Only had one night in Milestone Basin, versus the original plan of two.  We backtracked down to the trail in the Kern Canyon, then took a connector trail over toward the JMT to the east.  The first lake on this connector trail has an awesome view looking down the northern part of Kern Canyon from its south side!  We camped at a barren lake not far from the JMT, but away from the crowds.  We hadn't seen anyone since Lake South America on Tuesday morning, and only those two since last leaving the JMT mid-day on Saturday despite being on trails some of the time.

Journal Entry:  Clouds cleared last night after a bit of localized thunder around Midway Mtn.  Awoke to completely clear skies, but clouds appeared mid morning and again are thickest over the Great Western Divide, clear over Sierra Crest.  Easy hike down Milestone Basin, mostly backtracking our route from yesterday.  Reached the Kern around 11:30 (left camp around 9:00).  Started uphill to the east on the trail connecting to JMT.  Arrived at the unnamed lake just before JMT around 3 and set up camp.  Puffy white clouds floating around.  On the way, we got a great view down the Kern Canyon from the south end of the first lake on the crossover trail.  Also:  saw a coyote in Milestone Basin, too far away for a pic.  Tomorrow we cross Forester Pass and down to the trees.

outlet creek near our campsite

high lake in Milestone Basin

Milestone Mountain

middle part of Milestone Basin, Mt. Whitney in distance

Milestone Mtn over Milestone Creek

Milestone Creek heading downstream, Mt. Whitney above

view straight down the Kern Canyon

marshy lake on trail
(view on left from the south side of this lake)

looking back at Milestone Basin

looking back at Milestone Basin

sign at junction with Lake South America trail

lake that we camped at


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