Milestone Basin and Vidette Creek 2014

Over Deerhorn Saddle

Sunday, August 17, 2014

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Today we had originally intended to do two passes.  The approach to Deerhorn Saddle involved a lot of talus hopping (with frequent wobbly rocks) and took more out of us than expected.  So we decided to sacrifice our "rest" day in Milestone Basin and defer Harrison Pass to tomorrow ("rest" day had the option of climbing Midway Mountain or one of the passes in the basin).  We did have a few quite cold nights on this trip, last night being one of them!

Journal Entry:
  Got an earlier start today for the tough day.  Walking around 8:30.  Deerhorn Saddle turned out to be much tougher than expected.  Lots of talus and loose rocks, but still class 2.  Reached the top around 2:00, broad summit.  South side easier and shorter, mostly “scree ski” to the lake below at around 12,000 ft.  We decided to stay here tonight and tackle Harrison Pass tomorrow, just removes our rest day.  Tomorrow’s goal is now Lake South America.  Cloudless weather continues, less breezy today.  33.8°F in my tent at 6:30am today!

Deerhorn Saddle above, our goal for today

looking back at the lake we camped at

getting higher above the lake

Deerhorn Saddle and the highest lake

lots of talus between us and the saddle

some snow fields below Deerhorn Saddle

Deerhorn Saddle (getting close!) and
Deerhorn Mountain

looking across to Harrison Pass from Deerhorn Saddle
(Harrison Pass is the first chute just left of center)

looking north from Deerhorn Saddle
views range to the Palisades, 27 miles away

zoom in on Harrison Pass (center)

looking back up at our descent route from the saddle

lake with Harrison Pass above (center) from camp


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