Milestone Basin and Vidette Creek 2014

Over Kearsarge Pass

Friday, August 22, 2014

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There were some great views of earlier parts of this trip to be had today, especially between the Bullfrog Lake and Charlotte Lake trail junctions on the JMT, and the "high trail" to Kearsarge Pass.  We had views looking back over the valley with Vidette Creek that we had ascended at the beginning of the trip, all the way to Deerhorn Saddle.  And we also had views up the valley we decended this morning, all the way back to Forester Pass.  We opted to take the "high trail" to get to Kearsarge Pass, for the views and variety as we had taken the "low trail" on the way in.  We were rewarded here with some great panoramic views with Bullfrog Lake below and in the foreground!

Journal Entry:  Another long trail day.  Left camp around 8:30, quick downhill to Lower Vidette Meadow.  Uphill to Kearsarge Pass started there.  Great views of Vidette Creek and Bubbs Creek valleys from trail after Bullfrog junction.  Took the high trail to Kearsarge Pass, arrived 2:30 or so.  Quick one-hour downhill to Flower Lake, arriving just before 4:00.  Weather continues beautiful, with gusty winds from the pass and here at camp.  Tomorrow we exit at Onion Valley.

Junction Peak and Bubbs Creek

Center Peak splitting two valleys

view up Vidette Creek to Deerhorn Saddle

East Vidette in center, Bubbs Creek to the left and Vidette Creek to the right

East Vidette over Bullfrog Lake

Vidette Creek valley over Bullfrog Lake

Mt Brewer (far back) over Bullfrog Lake

Kearsarge Pinnacles over Kearsarge Lakes

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