Milestone Basin and Vidette Creek 2014

Onion Valley to Kearsarge Lakes

Friday, August 15, 2014

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Kearsarge Pass is one of the easier entrance points from the eastern side of the Sierra.  The trailhead is at around 9200 feet and the pass is at 11,760 feet, so the climb and distance to the pass is not too bad compared to other passes with trailheads around 5000-6000 feet elevation.  The hike to the pass is pleasant and passes a total of five lakes.  The other side of the pass offers views into a basin containing Kearsarge Lakes and Bullfrog Lake.  We had last come in this way on our trip in 2005 to Gardiner Basin.

Journal Entry:  First day of annual Sierra trip.  Drove down to Onion Valley yesterday and camped at the Onion Valley Campground.  Weather is just clearing after a period of rain and thunderstorms!  Got started on the trail to Kearsarge Pass around 8:30.  Got to the pass around 1:00.  Lots of people on the trail, including several planning to meet up with JMT hikers.  Short downhill from the pass to Kearsarge Lakes, arriving around 3:00.  We are camped at the largest lake.  So far not a single cloud today, but pleasant as temp is cool and there is an on-and-off breeze!  Tomorrow we go to Vidette Meadow and head up to Vidette Lakes.

view back at Onion Valley parking lot from trail

Pika near the trail, not shy at all!

Gilbert Lake

Heart Lake

Ron nearing Kearsarge Pass

Kearsarge Lakes (left) and Bullfrog Lake (right)

Sign at Kearsarge Pass

Kearsarge Lakes


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