Mt. Brewer and Sphinx Lakes 2000

August 18 – Long Uphill

August 19 – Off Trail to Sphinx Lakes

August 20 – Sphinx Pass and Mount Brewer

August 21 – Longley Pass and Lake Reflection

August 22 – Harrison Pass attempt

August 23 – East Lake

August 24 – Bubbs Creek

August 25 – Back to the Trailhead


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Mount Brewer is off of the main Sierra Crest and is 13,570 feet in elevation.  It is the highest peak in its vicinity, and thus is known for its sweeping views.  It did not disappoint on this trip.  Our original plan on this trip was to go over Lucy’s Foot Pass and down to Milestone Basin, then over to Colby Lake and return via Avalanche Pass.  Lucy’s Foot Pass was rejected from afar and the alternate plan Harrison Pass proved to be more than we wanted to handle, thus part of the planned trip was cut off and we ended up returning via East Lake and Bubbs Creek.  The trip ended up being around 34 miles in 8 days.


The trip started and ended at Roads End in Kings Canyon National Park.  Derek joined Ron and Steve on this trip in the Sierra Nevada.