Mt. Brewer and Sphinx Lakes 2000

Harrison Pass attempt

Tuesday, August 22, 2000

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Warmer night, although gusty winds most of the night.  Started up toward Lucy’s Foot Pass, not much of a trail.  Finally found the trail part way up and followed it to the lake, where we could see the pass.  Ron voted to do Harrison Pass instead.  We started up the faint trail toward the pass.  Passed a few more lakes and lots of rock scrambling.  Harrison Pass has four scree chutes, the first (west) one is easiest.  Strategy is to go up one of the gullies and stick close to the left side of the chute where the rock is more stable.  Instead we went up the other side, and partway up Ron and Derek decided that this pass was too steep.  I went to the top (with pack) just to see the view.  Took some pictures and “slid” down the scree.  The other side was much more friendly terrain, but we had to keep the group together.  Went back down the way we came to the lake below Lucy’s Foot Pass (“Golden Lake”) where we are camped.  Plan two more nights in the wilderness after tonight, but haven’t decided on exact plans yet.


Lucy’s Foot Pass

Looking across East Creek:

South Guard, Mt. Brewer, North Guard


loose scree on Harrison Pass

the view south from Harrison Pass


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