Mt. Goddard and the Ionian Basin 2001

August 17 Trail through the Trees

August 18 Into Bench Valley

August 19 Gunsight Pass

August 20 South Goddard Pass

August 21 Mt. Goddard summit and Ionian Basin

August 22 Wanda Pass

August 23 Hell For Sure Pass

August 24 Red Mountain Basin

August 25 Back to the Trailhead

Davis Lake Pika


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Mount Goddard is a well-known peak of 13,548 feet elevation in the Sierra Nevada. The peak lies well off of the Sierra Crest. To the east of this peak lies the Ionian Basin, a rugged alpine area that is the home of many lakes. Our approach for this trip was from Courtright Reservoir, accessed from the west side of the Sierra north of Fresno. The reservoir lies at around 8000 feet elevation. This trip took us around 50 miles in 9 days, with much of the distance off-trail. It was a challenging but rewarding hike!