Mt. Goddard and the Ionian Basin 2001

Mt. Goddard summit and Ionian Basin

Tuesday, August 21, 2001

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On to climb Goddard 8:30am.† Easy climb, reached summit around 10:30.† Ron stayed at the south (lower) summit, I did a bit of class 3 to reach the real summit.† Signed summit register, took pictures, and enjoyed the views.† Haze was coming in, especially in the south.† We suspect itís from forest fires.† Descended down, back to camp by noon.† Loaded our packs for the 3 mile cross country hike to Lake 11592, just south of Wanda Pass.† Lots of route finding around the lakes of Ionian Basin.† Lake 11837 had no good route close to the lake, we had to stay high.† Reached our camp at 4:15, chose a site on the peninsula.† Last night got down to 27F, hoping itís a bit warmer tonight.


Lake 12260 from part way up Mt. Goddard

South Summit from the North Summit


Wanda Lake from the summit

my boots over the brinkÖ† Ionian Basin lakes below


Steve on Mt. Goddard summit

summit benchmark

Ron on Mt. Goddard summit


view from the notch between the summits

Mt. Goddard from Lake 12240

we climbed up the chute on the far left in this picture, then up the ridge to the summit


Lake 11951

Lake 11818 and Mt. Goddard


Lake 11837, rugged terrain around this lake made passage difficult

Lake 11592 and Wanda Pass



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