Mt. Goddard and the Ionian Basin 2001

Wanda Pass

Wednesday, August 22, 2001

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A little warmer last night—34F low.  Got started at 8:30 for Wanda Pass.  Met a family of 6 that were camped on the other side of the lake—they were headed for Martha Lake.  Long uphill to Wanda Pass, arriving around 10:30.  Downhill above Wanda Lake to Davis Lake Pass.  Rugged country all the way—lots of large rocks.  Our goal was Goddard Canyon but we decided to stop at lower Davis Lake, right near the creek between the lakes.  Nice sound of running water contrasts with extreme quiet the last few nights.  Goal tomorrow is to get over Hell For Sure Pass.



Charybdis (the mountain) and Chasm Lake

Lake 11592 from near Wanda Pass

Charybdis, Three Sirens, Scylla are the peaks from left to right

Enchanted Gorge drops off between them


Wanda Lake

the John Muir Trail goes along the far shore

Davis Lake from Davis Lake Pass


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