Rattlesnake Creek, Kern Canyon, and Little Five Lakes 2015

August 21 – Mineral King to Franklin Lakes

August 22 – Franklin Lakes to Rattlesnake Creek

August 23 – Rattlesnake Creek to Kern Hot Springs

August 24 – Kern Hot Springs to Moraine Lake

August 25 – Moraine Lake to Big Arroyo

August 26 – Big Arroyo to Little Five Lakes

August 27 – Little Five Lakes to Spring Lake

August 28 – Spring Lake to Monarch Lakes

August 29 – Monarch Lakes to Mineral King


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elevation profile


On this year's trip we intended to visit Kaweah Basin, which is north of Mt. Kaweah on the map below.  Due to long days (over-agressive planning) and risk of smoke from the Rough Fire farther north, we opted to cut the loop short and instead follow the High Sierra Trail over the Chagoopa Plateau.  As we had cut off our only off-trail, we opted for some at the very end of the trip, traversing over Glacier Pass to get back to Mineral King.  We had thick smoke several days from the Rough Fire, west of Cedar Grove and northwest of our route.  There was also a small fire buring below Big Five Lakes that we could see from Chagoopa Plateau, but the smoke from this fire was not significant.  Other than smoke, the weather on this trip was excellent, the only precipitation we had was a few sprinkles when we were at Big Arroyo.


overview map