Rattlesnake Creek, Kern Canyon, and Little Five Lakes 2015

Franklin Lakes to Rattlesnake Creek

Saturday, August 22, 2015

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Franklin Pass is at around 11,700 feet elevation, and is a crossing of the Great Western Divide.  Smoke was much better today, only affecting far ranging views.  The Sierra Crest including Mt. Whitney is visible from Franklin Pass, but smoke prevented any good pictures from here.  The hike down Rattlesnake Canyon was pleasant, not sure where its name comes from as we didn't see any snakes in this canyon.  We camped on the opposite side of the creek from the trail and had soothing creek sounds all night!

Journal Entry:  Clear morning (no smoke nearby).  Started hiking around 9.  Up 1300 ft to Franklin Pass, arrived just before noon.  Long downhill into Rattlesnake Canyon.  Smoke not too bad all day, other than making long views hazy.  Got to camp around 5.  Tomorrow to Kern Hot Springs.

Lower Franklin Lake in morning light

Lower Franklin Lake

Lower Franklin Lake

trail with Franklin Pass above

Upper and Lower Franklin Lakes

trail with Franklin Pass ahead

looking over the ridge before Franklin Pass

nearing Franklin Pass

Rattlesnake Canyon from Franklin Pass

sandy terrain east of pass

looking back at Franklin Pass

Rattlesnake Canyon below

Rattlesnake Creek

looking down U-shaped Rattlesnake Canyon


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