Rattlesnake Creek, Kern Canyon, and Little Five Lakes 2015

Moraine Lake to Big Arroyo

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

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A pattern on many of the days of this trip was that smoke cleared out overnight and was clear in the morning, but would come back mid-day and thicken a bit in the afternoon.  That pattern was in force both yesterday and today.  We had nice clear views of the surrounding mountains this morning, and combined with a very calm lake, made for some nice reflection pictures!  As we headed across the Chagoopa Plateau we had some views over to the Big Five Fire, which was started by lightning back in June and was still smoldering.

Journal Entry:  Smoke cleared by morning and we had nice views from the lake.  Hiked uphill 1200 ft. then down 900 ft. to Big Arroyo, arrived 3:00 or so.  Got a few sprinkles during the last 15 minutes, sky has more blue patches now.  Smoke came in early afternoon again but is mostly gone now late afternoon.  Tomorrow is an “easy” day to the upper Little Five Lake.

morning reflections in Moraine Lake

Mt. Kaweah over Moraine Lake

Big Arroyo and smoke from the Big Five Fire

Mt. Kaweah

Black Kaweah and Red Kaweah

trail decending into Big Arroyo

old patrol cabin at Big Arroyo junction

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