Mt. Kaweah 2003

Chagoopa Plateau to Nine Lakes Basin

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

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Sprinkled on and off all night.  Awoke to cloudy skies.  We decided to skip the planned visit to Kaweah Basin, due to off-trail rock scrambling and the risk of more rain making it difficult and dangerous.  Instead we headed back down into Big Arroyo, then up toward Kaweah Gap.  Left the trail and went up to Nine Lakes Basin, very easy to get to.  We’re camped at the second lowest lake at around 10700 feet elevation.  Sprinkled a bit this morning on the way to Big Arroyo, no rain since then.  Clouds have been moving around all day though.  Sun peeked through from time to time.  With our position now, we are a little more than a day ahead of schedule—still plan to end the trip on the same route from Kaweah Gap.  How we spend the last four days exactly we’ll decide when the time comes!


Mt. Kaweah


Upper Big Arroyo


Campsite in Nine Lakes Basin


clouds over Black Kaweah


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