Mt. Kaweah 2003

Nine Lakes Basin Rambling

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

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Awoke to totally clear skies, sun hit us around 8am.  We decided to stay here another night and do a day hike up to the upper lake to see the pass we would have been coming over today.  We also wanted to climb “The Brain”… Ron’s name for a 2-lobe rock that looked pretty easy from the upper lakes.  Nice hike and nice views.  Lower part of Nine Lakes Basin is easy cross-country, upper part has more talus.  Still not too bad though.  Views over Kaweah Gap and down the Big Arroyo from “The Brain”.  Tomorrow we’re back on schedule—to Hamilton Lakes.



lower lake in Nine Lakes Basin

Black Kaweah


lake below the two highest ones


upper two lakes and Pyra-Queen Col


lake below two highest, waterfall


Big Arroyo from “The Brain”’s summit



“The Brain” from below


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