Kaweah Basin 2020

Tyndall Creek to Junction Meadow

Sunday, August 23, 2020

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The trail leading directly to the Kern River canyon along Tyndall Creek is not even shown on some newer maps, and is marked as unmaintained on others.  We didn't have much trouble following it.  The Kern Canyon is a deep, nearly straight north-and-south canyon between the Great Western Divide and the Sierra Crest.  We had to cross this trench in both directions, which added quite a bit to our elevation gain/loss on this trip!

Journal Entry:  Got started 8:30 or so, followed trail down to Tyndall Creek Ranger Station, Ranger Rob was there and we had a chat.  Said forecast for 40% chance storms today, less tomorrow, then good!  Clear skies this morning but clouds building as we went down the sandy switchbacks of Tyndall Creek trail.  Most of the trail was easy to follow, with some faint spots.  Would not want to come up these switchbacks!  Thunder and light intermittent sprinkles last two miles to Junction Meadow.  Saw only four people—all after the HST junction (not counting the ranger).  Got to camp at 1:00, set up and prepared for rain.  At 2:20, just intermittent sprinkles, haven’t heard thunder for a while.  Tomorrow we head off trail!

Red Spur in morning light

Tyndall Creek ranger cabin

old cabin along Tyndall Creek

drop to Kern Canyon ahead

Kern Canyon view south

Kern Canyon view north

Kern River

roofless cabin

dark clouds building over Mt. Guyot

Second Kaweah and Squaretop visible

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