Kaweah Basin 2020

Wallace Creek to Anvil Camp

Friday, August 28, 2020

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We continued our alternate return route over Bighorn Plateau with panoramic views of the Kaweahs and the Great Western Divide to its north.  We got through before the smoke rolled in just before noon.  We then joined up with our route in at Tyndall Creek to take Shepherd Pass back out.

Journal Entry:  Another cold night—down to 35F.  Sun took a while to arrive but we got going early enough.  Uphill to Bighorn Plateau with panoramic views to the west.  Then down to Tyndall Creek around 11:30.  Smoke was obscuring views by then.  Long walk up to Shepherd Pass—arrived before 2pm.  Then down to Anvil camp, arrived around 3:15.  Found a secluded camp downstream a bit on the south side of the creek.  A few others here, more may arrive later!  Tomorrow we hike out!

looking down Wallace Creek to the Kaweahs

closer look at the Kaweahs, a bit hazy

silhouettes of the mountains on the crest

Red Spur and Kaweahs in the distance

marmot south of Bighorn Plateau

more views of the Kaweahs

Mt. Russell and Mt. Whitney

Red Spur and Kaweahs

lake on Bighorn Plateau with Great Western Divide

Great Western Divide over Tyndall Creek valley

marmot west of Shepherd Pass

first part of trail descending Shepherd Pass

rocky terrain in smoky orange lighting

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