Kaweah Basin 2020

Picket Creek to Wallace Creek

Thursday, August 27, 2020

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We took a different route on the return trip for variety.  From Junction Meadow, we took the High Sierra Trail following Wallace Creek up to the junction with the John Muir Trail.

Journal Entry:  Low temp around 40F—got sun before 7am again—started hiking 7:45.  Around the lake then down about 1000 ft.  Bit of route finding but only took about an hour.  Found the trail and continued downhill.  Saw one person headed to Colby Pass (first person seen since Monday morning).  Got to Junction Meadow at 11, while having lunch smoke started building fast.  Last part of hike to Wallace Creek in smoke, but seemed to gradually clear a bit.  Got to camp at JMT junction around 4.  A few others camped here.

view across lake from the north, Squaretop barely visible

nice lake reflections

Kern-Kaweah river canyon below Kern Point

our route down over slabs

view to the east part way down

bottom of the valley getting closer

view up valley toward Colby Pass

the valley we ascended Monday

Junction Meadow below

trail up Wallace Creek

at the Wright Creek crossing

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