Kaweah Basin 2020

Kaweah Basin to Picket Creek

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

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We wanted to visit Picket Creek as the lower lake in this valley has a reputation for being beautiful.  It did not disappoint.  This was my favorite campsite of the trip.

Journal Entry:  Another easy day.  Very cold night with low of 33F.  Sun came before 7am and warmed things up quickly.  Started hiking around 8am, rambling down valley where we had come up yesterday, with a bit different route.  Went over the low pass to Picket Creek and down to the last lake.  Got here 1:30 or so.  Found an awesome campsite with creek sounds.  Smoke started rolling in mid-morning, not too thick at 2:30 but Kern Point across the canyon is a bit hazy and things further away are more so.  Tomorrow we head back to trail and continue out.

Squaretop over a moraine in morning light

Pyra-Queen Col and a high pond

Kaweahs over high lakes

looking down the basin

Mt. Kaweah over fourth lake

view down basin to Sierra Crest

third lake ahead

Kaweahs over third lake

Picket Creek Pass

looking up Picket Creek from the pass

another view up Picket Creek

lowest lake on Picket Creek where we camped


Kern Point across canyon from north side of lake

Sierra Crest in the distance

Kern Point (left) over lake

Sierra Crest over lake

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