Kaweah Basin 2020

Kaweah Basin ascent

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

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First easy day of the trip with just a simple ascent up gentle terrain to the high end of Kaweah Basin.

Journal Entry:  Smoke cleared out overnight, great views of the Kaweahs this morning.  Left before 8am, even with slow pace and lots of breaks, we got to the high lakes before 1pm.  Took a day hike up a small ridge for another view into the valley below.  Smoke was building down there but was clearer later in the afternoon.  Beautiful day here—sun and a few clouds.  A bit windy at times.  No trees here so little shade.

morning reflections in second lake

zoom in on Squaretop

Kaweahs reflected in second lake

Mt. Kaweah and Second Kaweah

another great reflection

ascending the basin

Ron posing with the Kaweahs

awesome views didn't stop

Ron and Steve with the third lake and Kaweahs

third lake and Kaweahs

third lake looking back

never too many pics of the Kaweahs

still more

view down basin, Sierra Crest in back

Kaweahs over the creek

Kaweah Pass (center) and Mt. Kaweah (right)

Pyra-Queen Col

fourth lake

Kaweah Pass and Mt. Kaweah

Kaweahs over high lake

Kaweahs over high lake

view of the upper lakes

Mt. Kaweah over upper lakes

Second Kaweah with Squaretop over a moraine

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