Minarets and Ritter Range 2010

Superior Lake to Minaret Lake

Saturday, August 28, 2010

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Left the trail first thing today, first goal was Nancy Pass which is class 2.  Second goal was Deadhorse Pass, which is class 1 and is quite inconspicuous.  Routefinding was fairly straightforward, as we tried to avoid losing too much elevation in the valley between the passes and stuck to the west side, first aiming for a small group of trees.  Once crossing Deadhorse Pass, we descended to find the trail leading to Minaret Lake.


Journal Entry: Cloudy most of the day today—and windy.  Not too difficult up & over Nancy Pass—took us 1˝ hours from camp.  A bit of route finding coming down, some loose talus and meadows.  Easy up to Deadhorse Pass, came down and found the trail to Minaret Lake.  Snow flurries on and off this afternoon, but nothing stuck.  Still cold tonight, I’m in the tent at 6pm to warm up.  Awesome views of the Minarets—right below them!  Tomorrow a challenging section to Cecile Lake and down to Ediza Lake.


Anderson’s Thistle


Nancy Pass from the meadow west of Superior Lake

Looking down on Superior Lake from near Nancy Pass


view north from Nancy Pass, Minarets dominate

Mt. Ritter barely visible, and to its right Banner Peak (the dark triangle in the back)

one of many creeks between the passes


Deadhorse Pass just above and to the left of the picture’s center

Riegelhuth Minaret, which towers directly above Minaret Lake


Minarets over Minaret Lake

highest Minaret is Clyde Minaret (12,281 ft), on the right

Clyde Minaret over Minaret Lake

route to Cecile Lake is at the center of the picture


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