Minarets and Ritter Range 2010

Minaret Lake – snow!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

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For the first time in my summer Sierra travels, we had snow!  We have had hail before on numerous occasions, but never snow.  This ended up holding us up for one day, due partially to conditions, but mostly due to not wanting to miss the upcoming views of the Minarets, which were covered with low clouds a good part of this day.


Journal Entry: Woke up to a dusting of snow!  Low clouds around also.  After partial clearing, cold, cloudy conditions still preside at mid-afternoon.  We decided not to hike on today and stay at Minaret Lake.  Hoping for improvement tomorrow.  High temp around 45 degrees, snow melted this morning.  Met a guy named Bill who was coming down from Cecile Lake, got some info on route.  Evening update:  got a couple of hours of “corn snow” and a little thunder 4-6pm.  Ground is covered white again...


yesterday evening

this morning

after the afternoon storm


Riegelhuth Minaret

route to Cecile Lake (Clyde Minaret above totally obscured)


after the afternoon snow


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