Minarets and Ritter Range 2010

Minaret Lake to Ediza Lake

Monday, August 30, 2010

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The weather cleared and we had a day of great weather with views to match!  The pictures on this page speak for themselves.  This is a highly recommended route!


Journal Entry: Clouds cleared out last night, and we awoke to clear skies!  Snow started melting in the sun.  We headed out around 9:30, up toward Cecile Lake.  Use trail followed most of the way, some talus hopping.  Studied the area where the class 3 section is—finally chose the end of the “slot” after seeing a couple of ducks.  Section was not bad at all, easily reached Cecile Lake, right below the Minarets.  Nice large lake!  Mostly talus hop around the east shore, headed down an on-again off-again use trail to reach Iceberg Lake’s outlet (no icebergs in the lake).  A trail crew was working on sections of the trail to Ediza Lake, trail apparently hadn’t been maintained since it was built!  Found an open campsite on west shore of Ediza Lake.  Clouds around Minarets/Ritter/Banner most of the afternoon but clear to the east.  Tomorrow we head over Whitebark Pass to Garnet Lake.



Climbing the class 3 section


Clyde Minaret over Minaret Lake

Minaret Lake, view east


Minaret Lake, Mammoth Mountain in distance (just right of center)

Clyde Minaret and cliff below Cecile Lake


Minaret Lake, Mammoth Mountain on far left

Minaret Lake, Riegelhuth Minaret


Clyde Minaret over Cecile Lake

Mt. Ritter and Banner Peak over Cecile Lake


Clyde Minaret over Cecile Lake

view from outlet of Cecile Lake, Riegelhuth Minaret


Minarets towering above (Clyde on the left)

Iceberg Lake far below


Minarets over Iceberg Lake

Ediza Lake


Mt. Ritter and Banner Peak obscured over Ediza Lake

Minarets at dusk


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