Mt. Langley and Mt. Whitney 2007

Miter Basin

Sunday, August 19, 2007

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A rest day was well needed after summiting Langley, and this day fit the bill nicely.  We just had to go up around 1000 feet over a couple of miles to position ourselves below Crabtree Pass for another tough day to follow.  Had to track to the west below Lake 12129 to avoid steep cliffs, but the route was easy the whole day.

Journal Entry:  Today was planned to be our ‘layover day”, but since we didn’t make our goal yesterday, we moved up to Lake 12129 in Miter Basin, right below Crabtree Pass.  A little route finding to get here, but not too difficult.  Found a sandy campsite above the lake, with some wind protection.  Just looking for some shade now.  We have a view of the lake, plus an expansive view down Miter Basin to the south.  Just relaxing this afternoon, prep for a tough day tomorrow.

Miter Basin marmot on watch


Sky Blue Lake from its south shore

Sky Blue Lake from its northeast shore


Sky Blue Lake with Mt. Langley towering above

Lake 12129 with Crabtree Pass behind it

Crabtree Pass is the low point in the foreground

The sandy slope to Discovery Pass rises above it and behind it

This is where we headed the next day


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