Seven Gables and The Pinnacles 2011

Seven Gables Lakes to Vee Lake

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

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Our original plan included a possible summit of Seven Gables, with a backup of Gemini.  We ended up doing neither, and instead took a "rest" day, with no rush to go the short distance to Vee Lake.  Near our camp, pikas were heard but were fairly elusive.  I got pictures of only one pika, who was nicely perched on a high rock for quite a while.  In the process of going to Vee Lake we explored the lowest of the Seven Gables Lakes, looking for views of the ever-present Seven Gables.  It was good to see lots of tadpoles around this low lake!

Journal Entry:
  Decided not to attempt Seven Gables, looks like too much snow.  Instead we did an easy day, meandering down the chain of lakes, taking our time, then up to Vee Lake where we are camped.  Large lake in a large bowl with Feather Peak and Seven Gables visible.  Tomorrow we plan to take a tour of some of the Bear Lakes.

pika near Seven Gables Lake campsite

Seven Gables above lower lake


Seven Gables over the lower lake

curious Belding's ground squirrel at Vee Lake camp

Feather Peak

alpenglow at Vee Lake


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