Seven Gables and The Pinnacles 2011

Little Bear Lake to Marie Lake

Friday, August 26, 2011

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Our last off-trail day began with a somewhat challenging hike down the outlet creek from Little Bear Lake, with several spots forcing us up out of the canyon to avoid narrow and steep sections.  Shortly we came out of the canyon and headed toward the unnamed lake to the north of the Seven Gables Lakes.  From here, we expected to find somewhat of a trail since we had seen a use trail going from the lower Seven Gables Lake up to Vee Lake.  However, much of this route was over talus fields and rock slabs so we didn't find the trail until quite far down the East Fork valley.  At that point, we were on-trail for the rest of the trip.  We met up with the JMT/PCT and immediately had to remove our boots for the Bear Creek crossing amongst horrendous mosquitos.  Then it was an easy hike up to Marie Lake.

Journal Entry:
  Awoke to mostly clear skies, a few clouds.  Started following the lake to the outlet creek, with part of the time in the canyon and part above.  We crossed the creek several times.  Travel not difficult, just interesting route finding.  Got to the lake below Seven Gables Lakes, route from there had lots of talus fields until we reached the trail.  Downhill to the junction with the JMT/PCT.  Saw first people since Monday immediately!  Bear Creek was a boots-off crossing, then easy uphill to Marie Lake.  Clouds building all day, heard some thunder around 1:00 but just a few sprinkles then.  After setting up camp at Marie Lake, got some rain around 5:30.  It is stopped now (6:00) but skies still cloudy.  Tomorrow we go over Selden Pass and down to Blayney Meadow.

Seven Gables over Little Bear Lake

more canyon below Little Bear Lake

Seven Gables

Seven Gables over unnamed lake

peak north of Seven Gables as we went around it

slabs go on and on...

signs at trail junction

Bear Creek crossing


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