Seven Gables and The Pinnacles 2011

Marie Lake to Lower Blayney Meadow

Saturday, August 27, 2011

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Last full day of hiking today.  The highlight was the marmots at Heart Lake.  We had only seen the one marmot at Little Bear Lake on the trip so far, and were wondering about the lack of marmots.  There were at least two at Heart Lake, and they were kind enough to pose for photos!

We intended to camp at a location labeled "Lower Blayney Campground" on the map.  We found no evidence of what you would call a "campground," but we went toward the river south of the trail (through numerous downed trees) and found a nice spot next to the river.  Mosquitos were almost absent at this lower elevation!

Journal Entry:
  Fairly uneventful on-trail day.  Over Selden Pass, then down past Heart Lake and Sallie Keyes Lakes.  Closed our loop at Senger Creek.  Down more into the valley.  We are camped around 3 miles from the boat dock-plan an early start tomorrow to catch the first boat at 9am.

Mts. Hilgard and Gabb over Marie Lake

Marie Lake reflections

Marie Lake

marmot at Heart Lake

marmots at Heart Lake



trail heading toward Sallie Keyes Lakes

South Fork San Joaquin valley

South Fork San Joaquin River at our campsite

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