Mt. Sill and the Palisades 1998

Timberline Tarns

Monday, August 24, 1998

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Long Lake

Campsite at Timberline Tarns

Long Lake in the distance


Started trip to Palisades, northern Kings Canyon, with Ron.† Drove down last night and stayed at ďMountain GlenĒ campground on road to South Lake.† Iím just getting over a chest cold (bad cough), and Ron was suffering from his typical start-of-trip sickness (hopefully thatís all it is).† Hiked about 4 miles in on Bishop Pass Trail to Timberline Tarns.† It was windy earlier, found a relatively sheltered campsite, although the wind seems to have died down a bit now.† Lots of lakes and peaks on the way up, quite a few people also, both backpackers and day hikers.† Tomorrow on to Dusy Basin (at least).


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