Silliman Pass, Cloud Canyon, and Lion Lake 2016

Comanche Meadow to Scaffold Meadows

Sunday, August 21, 2016

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Nice hike today through the trees with frequent views of Sugarloaf, a rocky peak standing in the middle of the valley.  We saw a few people on the trail, some at the Sugarloaf Creek crossing and then again just before reaching Scaffold Meadows.  There is a ranger station at Scaffold Meadows, and a trail crew was stationed nearby.  Today was the most rain we had on the trip, with three hours of nonstop rain from 4-7pm, then a few more sprinkles between around 8-10pm.  Roaring River was flowing nicely for this time of year.

Journal Entry:  Started hike at 8am, downhill followed by long fairly level section past Sugarloaf.  Last section up and over, down to Roaring River and up to Ranger Station.  Got here 2:30 or so.  Clouds building all day, thunder at 3:30 and rain started at 4:00.

Mt. Silliman

rocky peak called "Sugarloaf"


Sugarloaf Creek

Mitchell Peak (top left) and Sugarloaf

view northeast, Palmer Mountain

Roaring River Ranger Station

bridge over Roaring River at Scaffold Meadows

Barton-Lackey cabin at Scaffold Meadows


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