Split Mountain 2012

Dumbbell Lakes Pass and Cartridge Pass

Thursday, August 23, 2012

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Today was a long day so we were hoping for good weather.  And we were not disappointed.  The best weather so far on the trip!  We crossed two off-trail passes today and made good time all day.   Cartridge Pass was a known quantity to us as we crossed it in the same direction in 2006, and there is still a pretty good trail remaining there from the 1930's (JMT used to go this way).  We camped at the same campsite we used in 2006 at the lake below Cartridge Pass.

Journal Entry:  Light rain afternoon and early evening yesterday.  Awoke today to clear skies!  Clouds built all day but are clearing out now at 6pm.  Dumbbell Lakes Pass involved large talus the way we went, and the pass itself was long and narrow.  Descended into Lake Basin, keeping above 11,000 ft. as we traversed around to Cartridge Pass.  Good trail up & over Cartridge Pass, camped at the large lake to the south of the pass.  Got here around 4:30.  Tomorrow we go back over Taboose Pass.

Morning reflections

Observation Peak

Pika sending us off on our day's hike

Lake 11108 from talus field toward pass

Nearing Dumbbell Lakes Pass

Lake 11108 from near pass

Marion Peak above Marion Lake from
just below Dumbbell Lakes Pass

Lake Basin panorama

Lake Basin

One of the upper lakes

Cartridge Pass from the north

Lake south of Cartridge Pass where we camped
Arrow Peak above to the right


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