Alta Peak and Tableland 2008

Table Meadows to Pear Lake

Friday, August 22, 2008

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More downhill today, following the Marble Fork Kaweah River, which seriously was not more than a bit of water trickling across slabs in places.  Took our time with lots of breaks.  Met the trail at the Pear Lake Ranger Station, which is in the valley below Pear Lake.  The ranger wasn’t there, but he did stop by later at our camp at Pear Lake.  In the evening at Pear Lake, we saw a coyote come down to the lake for a drink, and heard coyotes much of the night that sounded fairly close by.  Surprisingly, we had Pear Lake to ourselves all night once the day hikers left!


Journal Entry:  Easy day—just a few small challenges.  Followed the river (really more like a trickle) downstream and found the Pear Lake Ranger Station, and then the trail from it.  Took the trail up to Pear Lake.  Just a few day hikers so far.  This lake has 12 designated sites (we chose #10) and an outhouse.  Tomorrow we take the trail back to Wolverton trailhead.


Peak 10695 (we climbed this one yesterday)

either a calm spot in the river or a lake

just north of our camp

Peak 10695 looms above


Marble Fork Kaweah “River” trickling over some slabs

valley below Pear Lake

we came into this valley from above on the right side


Pear Lake from the north side

Pear Lake from the west side, looking toward the outlet (north)


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