Mt. Tyndall and Wallace Basin 2009

Wallace Lake to Upper Wright Lake

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

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One day of moving camp between two camps where we spent two nights each.  The objective today was to avoid losing too much altitude as we left Wallace Creek and traversed over to Wright Creek and Wright Lakes.  We were fairly successful at this, with the most difficult parts being sections of talus around the southwest ridge of Mt. Barnard.


Journal Entry: We awoke to a cloudless morning, packed up our 2-night camp, and headed toward Wright Lakes.  We contoured around the ridge connected to Mt. Barnard, mostly was easy walking with a few sections of talus.  Dropped down to the large lower Wright Lake, then went upstream toward the highest lake at 12000 ft.  Found a lateral moraine that took us most of the last stretch to the lake, arrived around 4:00 and found a campsite.  Tomorrow we plan to climb Mt. Tyndall, and go over Tyndall Col the following day.  Tyndall Col looked steep at first, but now with shodows it looks better.  We do have another option if we decide not to go that way.  A few small clouds today starting around 2, but we see none now at 6pm.


alpine terrain and the ever-present Kaweahs

Mt. Whitney’s north slope (rounded peak in the center)


another view of the Kaweahs

yet another…


talus field around the ridge (walking right through it)

lots of talus


largest of the lower Wright Lakes


Wright Basin


upper Wright Lake at 12000 feet

west side of Tyndall Col


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