Mt. Cotter 2005

Charlotte Lake to below Gardiner Pass

Saturday, August 20, 2005

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Started our off-trail today, although many years ago there used to be a trail over Gardiner Pass, and at many points it was still visible.  Especially useful was the trail through some thick brush, and down the north side of the pass, as it was quite steep!  We had to go to the right (east) from the low point on the pass to find it.


Journal Entry: On the trail around 9 this morning.  Not a cloud in the sky.  The trail was surprisingly good down Charlotte Creek valley and then up Gardiner Pass.  Got water at what appeared to be a spring.  Got to the top of the pass around 2:15pm.  Steep downhill, but a trail was evident most of the way so it was quite easy.  Got to camp at the first lake below the pass (10,500 feet) at around 3:30pm.  We haven’t seen anyone since just below Charlotte Lake.  Tomorrow down to Gardiner Creek, then upstream into “main” Gardiner Basin.


Critter Report—Ron spotted a fairly large rattlesnake on the way up to Gardiner Pass.  It was at over 10,000 feet elevation!  Scared him when it hissed at him, but we backed off with no mishaps!  (picture to the right®  )



Charlotte Dome

valley of Charlotte Creek


view south from Gardiner Pass

view north from Gardiner Pass


Gardiner Pass in the center from our campsite

we came down to the left of the low point


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