Mt. Cotter 2005

Gardiner Creek

Sunday, August 21, 2005

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Today was a day of off-trail through trees and brush.  Generally we prefer our off-trail above treeline, as it is much easier to navigate and the hiking is usually easier (although sometimes you trade the trees and brush for large, wobbly talus).  We didn’t see any other people all day.


The lake we camped at tonight had lots of fish in it!  Mostly small ones though.  I spent some time just laying on a large rock right at lake’s edge watching the fish.


Journal entry: Peaceful night at a lake all to ourselves.  Left camp around 8:45, downhill past a sequence of lakes, no trail anywhere here.  Largest lake at the bottom at 9500 feet.  We then found a trail that took us down to Gardiner Creek at around 9000 feet.  Then it was uphill toward Gardiner Basin.  Got to the lowest lake around 3pm.  Noticed smoke from a fire far down the valley, now we can see and smell the smoke, not too bad though.  Tomorrow’s goal is the big lake in Gardiner Basin.


calm lake at our campsite in the morning

one of the lakes on the way down to Gardiner Creek


the large lake at 9534 feet

Gardiner Pass is the low point on the ridge behind the lake

Gardiner Creek tumbles over a small waterfall


a bit of welcome open terrain below lake at 10186 feet

lake at 10186 feet where we camped


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