Seven Gables and The Pinnacles 2011

Senger Creek to Wampum Lake

Sunday, August 21, 2011

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We started with a desire to escape the mosquitos, hopefully they would not be as bad at higher elevation.  Turned out to be mostly the case, and the breezes did wonders also!  Scenic day as we continued uphill past two unnamed lakes and then some partially frozen ponds up to a saddle above the headwaters of Senger Creek.  We then traversed what turned out to be our only peak on the trip, named only by its elevation.  This "peak" is actually a series of very open "bumps", we were never sure which one was actually the highest one!  But we had tremendous views the whole way across.  The last part of the day, the descent to Wampum Lake, was one of the most challenging sections of the trip due to the heavy snow last winter.

Journal Entry:
  Mosquitos again this morning after it warmed up a bit, and they were swarming for the first mile or so.  Breeze kicked in before the lakes and it got much more pleasant!  Long slog uphill following the creek.  Upper ponds were mostly snow covered still, crossed a fair amount of snow.  Reached the saddle with views of Three Island Lake and barren Sharp Note Lake, continued uphill to Peak 11840+, which has several summits.  After the last one we had a long down climb, starting with a short section of fairly steep snow, which luckily was soft.  Then it was talus hopping, and down climbing grassy areas and slabs to Wampum Lake.  Camped above the inlet creek.  A few mossies here, but nothing like yesterday!  Tomorrow we head downstream and traverse around the Pinnacles to East Pinnacles Creek.  Hopefully a bit easier than today.

looking down valley (south)

Unconcerned mule deer that we saw before the lakes

upper lake on Senger Creek

snow to cross on the way up

Sharp Note Lake

Three Island Lake

view north from Peak 11840+

Upper Turret Lake and view south from Peak 11840+

Big Chief Lake in the distance

our descent route to Wampum Lake

The Pinnacles over Wampum Lake


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