Seven Gables and The Pinnacles 2011

Wampum Lake to Negit Lake

Monday, August 22, 2011

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Today was our day to traverse around The Pinnacles, a long ridge of rocky peaks.  We followed West Pinnacles Creek downstream past several lakes, then traversed around the end of The Pinnacles, but about 2000 feet above Piute Canyon.  We could hear Piute Creek roaring far below from time to time.  Travel was fairly easy over to East Pinnacles Creek, which we followed upstream to the first lake, Negit Lake.

Journal Entry:
  Awoke to partly cloudy skies.  Clouds built throughout the day but are dissipating now at 6:30pm.  Felt only a few raindrops mid-day.  Headed down-valley past a string of lakes:  Old Squaw Lake, Big Chief Lake, and Spearpoint Lake.  Crossed a ridge to Pemmican Lake, then started our traverse to East Pinnacles Creek.  Straightforward off-trail travel with views of Piute Canyon, up to Piute Pass,  Pilot Knob, and Mt. Humphreys.  Dropped down a bit to East Pinnacles Creek and followed it up to Negit Lake.  Got here around 3:30.  Mosquitos are around, worse than yesterday eve.  Tomorrow we plan to cross Stough Pass to Seven Gables Lakes.

Wampum Lake

Old Squaw Lake and creek

Big Chief Lake stretching below

Big Chief Lake

Big Chief Lake above Spearpoint Lake

Big Chief Lake above Spearpoint Lake

Piute Canyon, Pilot Knob splits the valleys
Mt. Humphreys to its right

Piute Canyon, Pilot Knob, Mt. Humphreys

Snow bridging over East Pinnacles Creek

Negit Lake

campsite at Negit Lake

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