Alta Peak and Tableland 2008

Alta Peak and Alta Meadow

Saturday, August 16, 2008

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View to the east from Alta Peak—click on the picture for a larger, labeled version of the above panorama!


Today we took our full packs up Alta Peak.  One might ask why we took our packs with us instead of leaving them at the trail junction to be picked up on the way down.  Ron’s reasoning was that it would prove to him that he was in shape enough to climb out of Deadman Canyon (and therefore not become another “dead man”).  Steve’s reasoning was that he didn’t bring the necessary day pack rigging.  Some that we met along the way asked if we were going to spend the night on top.  We didn’t really have a good answer at that time…


Journal Entry:  Rain and thunder was short lived yesterday, cleared out sky at sundown.  Today we hiked (with packs) to the top of Alta Peak.  Not as hazy today, views were pretty good including Milestone, Brewer, and Whitney.  Came down to camp at Alta Meadow.  Our camp has a nice view over the middle fork canyon, but water is a bit of a walk.  Saw two coyotes today, one on the way up Alta Peak, the other near camp with something large in his mouth.  Met a few people today—chatted quite a while with a woman camped here alone, and also with a man and two older kids who we first saw yesterday, also when doing the peak today, and again at camp.  They are from Cleveland, the woman is from Fresno.  Tomorrow we leave the trail and head for Moose Lake.  Cloudy afternoon again, brief thunder but far away, and a few sprinkles only.  My rain fly is off tonight!



Great Western Divide above Alta Meadow

Tharps Rock


Coyote near the summit

Ron and Steve on Alta Peak

Quite a crowd on the summit


Pear Lake

Mt. Silliman (reddish peak right of center)


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