Alta Peak and Tableland 2008

Moose Lake to Lonely Lake

Monday, August 18, 2008

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One of the highlights today was a very friendly marmot near the first lake that we passed after leaving Moose Lake.  It was such a remote area, we were pretty sure it was not visited very often, but this marmot was a little too friendly.  We first saw him (or her) when approaching the lake where I got a few pictures.  He then followed us down to the lake where we were taking a break, and I got a few more pictures.  I hope he didn’t get that way by being fed by other people.  He certainly didn’t get any food from us.


Journal Entry:  Cold night—frost and dew in the morning, spent some time drying out.  Looks like the humidity has left us—only a few small clouds today.  Made our way from Moose Lake north to an overlook of Table Meadows.  Awesome view!  Looking forward to walking through Table Meadows in a few days.  We then headed for Pterodactyl Pass, around lakes and gullies, trying not to lose too much elevation.  View from the pass was missing Lonely Lake and the viewpoint we were headed for.  Had to descend around the bend for that.  Went up to the low point for a view of Big Bird Lake and Deadman Canyon.  We could see as far as the Palisades!  Easy traverse over the Lonely Lake where we are camped.  A very friendly marmot posed for pictures at one of the high lakes above Buck Canyon!



Moose Lake in the morning

peninsulas and islands of Moose Lake


headwaters of Buck Creek with Great Western Divide

Table Meadow (on right), where we will be near the end of the trip


triangle monument?

We asked a ranger about this later in the

trip.  He was aware of it and said it had

been that way several years.  He wasn’t

sure who propped the rock up.  A hole

where the rock was originally was right

below it.

Moose Lake

on its ledge across the valley from us


approaching Pterodactyl Pass

view down into canyon of Lone Pine Creek and Elizabeth Pass Trail


Big Bird Lake, Ranger Meadow, and Deadman Canyon from viewpoint

Horn Col above Lonely Lake


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