Alta Peak and Tableland 2008

Lonely Lake to Big Bird Lake

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

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Horn Col Pika


After a lonely night at Lonely Lake (we hadn’t seen anyone since Alta Meadow Saturday evening), we headed up over class one Horn Col.  Granite slabs were the rule in this area, making travel fairly easy.  Once over the pass we traversed over to the trail, meeting it amongst some large talus.  The trail here was made up of small gravel, which in some ways was more difficult than the off-trail terrain we had just come over!


Journal Entry:  Cold night again (low 36F in tent) but no dew.  Started up Horn Col, took just over ˝ hour to get there.  View into Deadman Canyon and part way down.  A pika posed for a few pictures on the pass.  Easy walk over slabs, then talus, to meet the Elizabeth Pass Trail.  Met 4 people heading the other way—the first we have seen since Alta Meadow.  Followed trail down to Upper Ranger Meadow where we headed uphill to beautiful Big Bird Lake.  Nice campsite in trees on its north end.  Tomorrow we head up 1500 feet to the Tableland Rim.


Lonely Lake from Horn Col

looking east from Horn Col


Glacier Ridge from Horn Col

Deadman Canyon


Deadman Canyon

looking back up canyon toward Elizabeth Pass


looking back toward Ranger Meadow on the way up to Big Bird Lake

Big Bird Lake from north shore


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