Mt. Tyndall and Wallace Basin 2009

Williamson Bowl to Anvil Camp

Friday, August 28, 2009

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Today was probably the easiest day of the trip.  Just a bit of talus hopping to get up and out of Williamson Bowl, then easy off-trail over to Shepherd Pass.  Now we were on familiar terrain, and on-trail too!  Easy downhill to peaceful Anvil Camp, where we lounged for the afternoon.


view from Steve’s tent in the morning


Journal Entry:  Thin clouds moved in overnight and have been the weather rule for today.  Gusty wind also picked up overnight.  Left camp around 9:00, hiked over talus around the lake and up toward Shepherd Pass.  Visited the two lakes up there, and started down the trail.  Arrived at Anvil Camp in the trees at 1:00.  We have a relaxing afternoon after arriving in camp after 4:00 most days.  Nice sound of the creek here!


Mt. Tyndall over Williamson Bowl

outlet side of Williamson Bowl


overlook of Williamson Bowl

higher, small lake near Shepherd Pass


large lake near Shepherd Pass

Mt. Tyndall from Shepherd Pass


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